About Us

Established in 2019, Reminiscent Blooms was founded by Anh as an online business with the intention of creating customisable, unique and personalised flower arrangements within Sydney.
The business was built on a passion to bring happiness to others through flowers. It has now grown to provide an even wider range of special gifts through incorporating balloons, candles and luxury boxes that can be personalised for the receiver.
Reminiscent Blooms aims to create an unmatched standard within the world of floristry and gifting. 


Meet The Team


Founder, Creative Director & Senior Florist

She's always coming up with new ideas at the most random times. She's straight forward, confident & outgoing. Though she's technically a 'boss', she'll treat everyone like a friend and will definitely provide a helping hand even in the hard & ugly tasks.



Floral Assistant, Cutie

She's an immigrant visiting Sydney via Visa and speaks no English yet she always finds a way to communicate with anyone. She loves to laugh and have a chat and will use body language to make sure she's understood by others. She's loving, friendly and above all, an absolute cutie! 



Creative Assistant, Junior Florist & A Big Helping Hand

Cass is an all rounder and always takes on new challenges no matter how far they seem from her own skillset. She's easily impressed by flowers and always adds her own weird (like it's not normal, but definitely not ugly!) and yet cute touch to each of her arrangements. She's crazy in a good way and is an absolute vibe wherever she goes.